Loyal Customers Are Worth More To Your Business

Having customers is great.  Having more customers is better.  Having a loyal, local customer base for your business is the holy grail.

In this digital age, much of the attention is focused on the web, social media and mobile apps.  There are well-defined strategies of how to market your website or business assuming it’s primary focus is not serving customers face-to-face.  But what if you own a business that actually likes serving your customers this way, or requires that you (gasp!) have an actual store.

While having a great SEO strategy, an outstanding social media presence and a killer website matter for all businesses, traditional brick-and-mortar stores, restaurants and entertainment venues need a digital answer that brings real customers through their doors, without breaking the bank.  

If your business needs foot traffic to thrive, you’ve probably looked at daily deal providers like Groupon.  You’ve probably heard the horror stories from other friends who own businesses, or may have done the research yourself.  If so, you know that daily deal providers generally require you to provide a high discount (50% or more), then they take 25% for themselves, leaving you with only 25% of the money, a stack of paper vouchers you need to go spend hours entering into a website.  What’s more, since they may not give you that 25% until long after the first rush of customers come in, you may be incurring lots of costs like paying your employees, covering your lease, buying food or product, etc before you ever see a dime from the daily deals guys.  Not so much of a deal for you.

Oh and back to the topic at hand, loyal, local customers.  Daily deal sites generally blast out emails to an entire city.  So you’ll have people coming in from 30 miles away to take advantage of your big deal, who never intend on returning.  If your costs are higher than 25%, you’re taking a loss on customers who will never provide ROI for you.


At Lantern, we thought that was all a little crazy.  So we built a better system.

We built apps so potential customers in your neighborhood see you first, but where anyone can find you.  We notify customers based on their preferences and areas of town they visit.  Local customers are people who already live, work or travel to your neighborhood, so they are much more likely to return again and again.  In fact, Lantern is designed specifically to bring customers back to your business again and again.

Besides taking a more local approach, we eliminated the need to manage paper vouchers or loyalty punchcards, saving you time and hassle, and providing you with valuable data about your customers that those paper methods cannot.  Lantern works through the 1 device that consumers have with them all the time – their smartphone.  Lantern is as familiar as a paper coupon or punchcard loyalty program, but much, much more powerful.  Customers can join your loyalty program by clicking on a link in an email or social media post, scanning a physical card or sign, clicking a button in the Lantern app or by redeeming an offer from you.  Lantern attracts new customers with a first-time offer from your business, and keeps all your customers coming back with a simple rewards program and handy, automatic reminders to come back to your business.

On top of that, Lantern is an outstanding value (see our pricing).  Bottom line, Lantern is one of the lowest cost ways to market your business anywhere.  And Lantern is designed to grow your loyal customer base for less than $2 a day.  Other advertising is designed to charge you a lot of money to broadcast a message, in hopes that somehow that translates into loyal customers – it’s a stretch at best.

We built simple online tools, so that we can help you get setup in 5 minutes.  Just email us at sales@lanternsoftware.com, and we’ll help walk you through it.  Or if you are tech savvy enough to check email online, you’ll have no trouble managing Lantern without our help.  Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.


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