Lantern Software joins Kansas City Startup Village


Kansas City, KS – June 6, 2013 (Evans Media Group) – Aaron Sloup, co-founder and CEO of tech startup, , today announced his company is making the move to the ultra-high speed internet and local entrepreneur community, Kansas City Startup Village.


Led by a group of local investors, Cambridge Fiber is the newest co-work space in the Kansas City Startup Village (KCSV). The Cambridge Fiber complex is the new home of Lantern Software, along with two other local startups, RFP365 and former Homes for Hackers startup Leetnode. “The opportunity to move in to the Startup Village was something our team really was excited about. Obviously Google Fiber was a huge draw for us but the energy and camaraderie that comes along with all the other local companies make this a unique community.” Sloup says.

Google Fiber offers Internet speeds of one gigabit per second, which is hundreds of times faster than anything else commercially available today. For a tech firm, this is like like riding a rocket to work. Lantern is one of the newest companies disrupting the daily deal industry, with an interesting and quite different model that sets it apart from some of the industry giants. Lantern does not ask for 50% of the revenue from a business like many of its competitors. In fact it provides all the benefit of a daily deal offering for just $1, and the company is poised to announce a loyalty program that rewards customers when they return, adding even more value for the business.

Aaron Sloup explains. “Conceptually, the idea for Lantern was born back in 2011 when four Cerner employees were looking for a place to eat lunch. Three of the original founders, myself, David Compton and Mark Milligan thought there was a Groupon deal nearby, but the process of finding that deal, entering credit card info and having to purchase and print a voucher upfront seemed extremely cumbersome. Thinking we could come up with a better way to offer deals, Lantern was formed and today it is in use by over 75 locally-owned Kansas City businesses.”

The free app from Lantern (search “lantern” for iPhone or Android) is a location-driven tool that gives users a fun way to explore locally-owned restaurants, bars, shops, gyms or other businesses within proximity of the user’s smartphone by providing a great, first-time deal to try out those businesses. For consumers, there is no charge to use it or to claim a deal, and the business owner pays just $1 when the consumer redeems the deal at their business. Unlike other apps, Lantern is for the informed consumer. It displays dozens of deals from scores of businesses all around you, so you can explore new places and know exactly what deal you’re getting.

On the move to KCSV, David Compton, COO of Lantern Software says the KC Startup Village is providing more than just economic and technological support to young entrepreneurs. “An informal backyard barbeque was held at the village and people who had never met each other before started to interact,” he said, “I think that is going to be another part of this community that is going to be critical. We all spend a lot time in front of the monitor and this village provides the opportunity for more personal interaction.”

About Lantern Software: Headquartered in Kansas City, Lantern Software is a company dedicated to connecting consumers to local merchants they’ll love. For more information contact Lantern Software at 913.481.5642 Aaron Sloup – David Compton – For Sales: Adam Rector – or 913.481.5642 For Media Inquiries: Paul Evans – or 913.489.7364



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