Lantern for iPhone

It’s time. Lantern is now available on the App Store.

Download “Lantern – Local Deals” now for free:

Lantern is a simple, free, elegant way to try cool local businesses and save instantly. Simply…

1) click  to save a deal voucher just for you, then

2) click  when you get there. It’s totally free and pretty awesome too.

If you’re tired of daily deal emails, putting in your credit card to buy vouchers and frankly, doing things like it’s 1998, so are we. That’s why we built Lantern. It’s a great way to discover awesome local businesses with legit offers created by their owners. So when you get a Lantern deal, you’ll know that you’re supporting a local business and that we’re not gouging them with ridiculous fees. What’s more, you’ll love us because we eliminate all the buying vouchers, putting in your credit card and getting tons of emails nonsense.

Just great local places, dozens of instant, free, high-value deals right in your pocket.

Download Lantern now and begin discovering the world around you.


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