Lantern Co-Founder & Chief Engineer, Mark Milligan, Joins Full-Time

Keep building.  It’s a tagline that many startups on the Silicon Prairie use, both in social media and in their approaches to building awesome companies.  In that regard, we’re much the same at Lantern.


Today, we’re proud to announce that another of our co-founders has made the leap to working full-time on Lantern.  Mark Milligan joins Lantern full-time as our Chief Engineering Officer, a role he’s held since the company’s inception.  Mark built a successful track record at Cerner over the past nine years, working on emergency medicine and capacity management solutions.  Most recently, Mark was one of the original engineers that created a real-time location solution, capable of integrating third party hardware seamlessly into a healthcare workflow while handling 1000s of transactions per minute.  Mark’s background in designing and implementing complex, highly-scalable architectures will be an invaluable asset to Lantern.

With a heavy preference toward doing rather than talking, Mark will continue creating much of the infrastructure as well as UI for Lantern.  We’re excited to have Mark on board full-time as we accelerate our growth.  Keep building.


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