Introducing Our COO, David Compton

We’re really excited to announce that David Compton, one of our co-founders, is joining our team full-time starting Monday.  David brings a wealth of experience across a 20+ year career leading a large portion of Cerner’s engineering organization, as an engineer, team lead, director and eventually vice president.  Most recently, David has been leading the technical division of professional services at Perceptive Software.  David has a knack for building great teams and the leaders to guide them.  He also brings a wide breadth of engineering and business experience to the table.  David will be joining Aaron as the second of our four co-founders to take the leap to full-time startup entrepreneur.

Initially, David will focus on our finances, sales and operations, as well as helping us build an awesome team!

If you’ve been following our story, you probably know that we currently have six talented individuals working on Lantern.  But, due to the nature of the corporate world and its, ahem, affinity for its employees to work on other projects they’re more passionate about, the rest of our team is in stealth mode for now.  Stay tuned as we’ll announce each of our team members as they join the cause for better ways to connect consumers to merchants they’ll love…


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